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Here is some information on my latest show in which I am now prepping for, I am planning on showing only about 8-10 since this is only my fifth show!! I am also taking a few to sale, so e-mail me at if you plan on coming and want me to bring something in particular (what I bring will probabaly be mixed breeds or americans in hopefully boars and sows)!!! So,  WISH ME LUCK!! When I recive, and take photos of my ribbons I will post them on this page for all to see!!!

December 1,-Columbia, SC Double Open

Southern Pride Rabbit and Cavy Club  (cavies and rabbits)
Sec. -Cavy- Valerie Blaes 

Rabbit- Sandy Bennett


Bill Gendren, IN; Peg Hailey, PA; Allan Ormond, UT;

Don Peterson, GA; Bob Shaftoe, CAN; Lowell Trausch, OH


Southern Pride

Rabbit & Cavy Club

Fall Show

Saturday, December 1, 2007


Polo Road Park

730 Polo Road (Near I77 & I20)

Columbia, South Carolina 29223

(803) 736-1657

Double Open Double Youth Double Cavy

So Comfort Mini Rex Fanciers Specialty


Bill Gendren, IN; Peg Hailey, PA; Allan Ormond, UT;

Don Peterson, GA; Bob Shaftoe, CAN; Lowell Trausch, OH


Angora*: English, French, Giant, Satin

Lops: English, French, Holland*, Mini*, Fuzzy*

Cavy Flemish Giant Netherland Dwarf

Dutch Jersey Wooly* New Zealand

Harlequin* Lilac* Polish

Himalayan Mini Rex Rex

Mini Satin Satin

Southern Pride will sanction any breed not listed if you pay the sanction fee or guarantee ten (10) animals will be shown. Contact the Show Secretary.



SHOW LOCATION: Polo Road Park, 730 Polo Road, Columbia, SC 29223

FROM I-77 North (Charlotte), take I-20 East Exit 16A toward Florence. Take Alpine Road Exit 76B toward 1-77 N/Charlotte. Turn Left onto Alpine Rd, Turn Right (stop light) onto Polo Road. Go about 2 miles passing Polo Rd Elementary, Ball fields, 1 stop light and the Polo Center is on the left.

FROM I-26, get onto I-77 N toward Charlotte. Take I-20 East Exit 16 toward Florence. Take Alpine Rd Exit, turn left on Alpine and follow directions above.

FROM I-20 East (Atlanta/Augusta), take Exit 76 toward I-77 N/Charlotte. Take exit on left toward I-77N/Charlotte/Alpine Rd & follow directions above.

FROM I-20 West (Florence) take Alpine Road Exit 76B and turn Right onto Alpine Road, turn Right onto Polo Rd and follow directions above.

FROM I-95, get off on I-20 or I-26 (whichever you come to first), follow above appropriate directions.

If you have any questions, please call the Park at 803-736-1657.


COMFORT INN, 7700 Two Notch Rd, 803-788-5544; $59.95 + tax

DAYS INN, 7128 Parklane Road, 803-736-0000; $59.95 + tax

MOTEL 6, 7541 Nates Road, 803-736-3900; $49.99 + tax

MICROTEL INN, 1520 Barbara Dr., 803-736-3237; $58.95 +tax

HOLIDAY DAY INN EXP, Clemson Rd Exit 80, 803-419-3558; $105.00 +tax

All motels within 5 miles of show site.



1. This show is governed by the latest rules and regulations of the ARBA.

2. Carrying cages with leak-proof bottoms required.

3. All entries must be permanently and legibly marked in the left ear.

4. Substitutions can be made only in the same breed, sex, and class.

5. Make checks payable to: Southern Pride Rabbit and Cavy Club or SPRCC.

6. Parents will be held responsible for the actions of their children.

7. Exhibitors interfering with, annoying, or influencing any Judge, or Judges, or simply attempting to do so shall have all their stock eliminated and shall be banned from the show.

8. NO BREEDING of animals will be allowed in the showroom without the consent of the Show Officials and BOTH owners of the animals.

9. A Registrar will be available at the show. Please bring Pedigree and ARBA Card.

10. The Show Committee reserves the right to refuse an entry not in good health, and the exhibitor shall forfeit the entry fee. The decision of the Show Officials will be final.

11. Order of judging shall be determined by the Show Officials. The Club reserves the right to substitute Judges.

12. Best of Breed and Best Opposite Sex Awards will be given for sanctioned breeds in open, cavy and youth; Open & Cavy (10 or more in breed) and Youth (5 or more in breed). Best Reserve and Best in Show awards also given. Ribbons for first through third places available for all shows.

13. Youth are encouraged, but not required, to carry their animals to the table.

14. Neither Southern Pride Rabbit and Cavy Club nor Richland County Recreation Assn. will be responsible for loss in case of fire, accident or providential destruction; however, every possible precaution will be taken to safeguard exhibitors and animals.

15. This is an official ARBA sanctioned show and as per ARBA rules, legs will be awarded to all breeds. Specialty Club sanctions are for sweepstakes points only.

16. WRITERS – Coupons will be in each folder. Use same as cash for lunch, raffle tickets, vender purchases or cash from show secretary.

Animals may be dropped off Friday night after plastic is down (around 7 pm). Showroom closes promptly at 10 PM. (Club has no control over gym closing.) See Jim Bennett or Mike Volansky if you arrive and the plastic is not down.

Open Sanctions: AOA0039 & AOA0040; Youth Sanctions: AYA0022 & AYA0023

OFFICIAL ARBA SANCTIONED OPEN & YOUTH SHOW Brad Boyce, Exec. Dir., PO box 5667, Bloomington, IL 61702 Dues: Adult $15 or $40 for 3 years; Youth $8 or $20 for 3 years; Only Youth through the age of 18 may exhibit in Youth Show.AMERICAN BELGIAN HARE CLUB Frank Zaloudek, 90206 N> Harrington Rd., West Richland, WA 99353, Dues $5, H/W $7.50;Sanction - $5.AMERICAN CAVY BREEDERS ASSOCIATION Mary Guthrie, 22859 Fall Leaf Rd., Linwood, KS 66052. Dues: Adult $15, $40 for 3 years; Youth $10, $25 for 3 years; Family $20, $50 for 3 years. Sanction - Open $8; Youth $7.AMERICAN DUTCH RABBIT CLUB, INC. Doreen Bergtson, RT 1, Box 95, Lewiston, MN 55952. Dues: Adult $7, Youth $5, H/W $9. Sanction - Open $9, Youth $6.AMERICAN HARLEQUIN RABBIT CLUB Judy Bustle, 132 Farmers, State Road, NC 28676. Dues: Adult $5, H/W $7, Youth $4, Family $10. Sanction - Open $5, Youth $5 (free if requested with Open).HAVANA RABBIT BREEDERS ASSOCIATION Joyce Walker, PO Drawr ), Cortez, CO 81321, Dues: Adult-$8; H/W-$11.50, Y-$6,Family-11.50 +$3.50 per Y at same address, Sanction-Open $7, Youth $5, Combined $10AMERICAN HIMALAYAN RABBIT ASSN. Roger Cota, 429 White St., Waterville, NY 13480. Dues: Adult $7, H/W $ or Family $9, Youth $5; 3 year Adult $20, H/W or Family $26, Youth $14. Sanction - Open $6 or Youth ($9 if Open & Youth combined).AMERICAN NETHERLAND DWARF RABBIT CLUB Shannon Byrom, 2725 E. Lake Ave., Watsonville, CA 95076. Dues: Adult $10, H/W $12, Youth $6, Adult $27 3 yrs., H/W $33 3 yrs, Youth $18 e yrs. Sanction: Open $10, Youth $6. Send to Fred Weiss, 7199 W. 6th Ave., Lakewood, CO 80215.AMERICAN POLISH RABBIT CLUB Betty Strathman, 417 Washington Ave., Terrace Park, OH, 45174. Dues: Adult/Youth $6, H/W $10, Family $12.50. Sanction: $7 Open or Youth.AMERICAN SATIN RABBIT BREEDERS ASSOCIATION Edythe Weih, 1895 Wilson Ave., Wilton, IA 52778. Dues: Adult $8, H/W $10, Youth $6, Family $12; Adult $20 3 yrs., H/W $25 3 yrs., Youth $15 3 yrs., Family $30 3 yrs. Sanction: Open $10, Youth $5.CALIFORNIAN RABBIT SPECIALTY CLUB C. Eunita Boatman, 22162 S. Hunter Rd., Colton, OR 99017. Dues: Adult $8, H/W $9, Youth $5 1st in family, $1 ea. add. Sanction: Open $8, Youth $5.Florida White Rabbit Breeders Association Pat Fossler, 21411 LA Hwy 1032, Denham Springs, LA 70726, DuesL Adykt $7, H/W $10, Youth $5, Family $15, Sanction : Open $7.50, Youth $5, Combined $7.50HOLLAND LOP RABBIT SPECIALTY CLUB Sue Gillispie, HCR 71, Box 110, Vienna, MO 65582. Dues: Adult $10, H/W $14, Youth $7, Family $17; Adult $27 3 yrs., H/W $40 3 yrs., Youth $18 3 yrs., Family $49 3 yrs. Sanction: Open $10, Youth $6. Send to Linda Pett, 17 Ponderey Place, Concord, CA 94521.LOP RABBIT CLUB OF AMERICA Jeanne Welch, Secretary/Treasurer, PO Box 236, Hornbrook, CA 96044. Dues: Adult $11 new, $8 renewal, H/W $15 new, $12 renewal, Youth $10 new, $7 renewal; 2 yrs. when first joining: Adult $16, H/W $24, Youth $14. Sanction: Open $10, Youth $5.MINI LOP RABBIT CLUB OF AMERICA Pennie Grotheer, PO Box 17, Pittsburg, KS 66762-0017. Dues: Adult $8, H/W $8, Youth $6, Family $14; Adult $14 2 yrs., H/W $22 2 yrs., Youth $10 2 yrs., Family $26 2 yrs. Sanction: Open $10, Youth $5.NATIONAL ANGORA RABBIT BREEDERS CLUB Beverly DeVone,130 Bucket Branch Rd,Waverly,TN37185. Dues: $10 Adult or Youth, H/W $13, Family $15. Sanction $10 for all 4 breeds, $ Youth for all 4 breeds, free if requested with Open. Sanctions to Angie Kolifrath, 1026 Sutton Rd, Forsyth, GA 31029NATIONAL JERSEY WOOLY RABBIT CLUB Nancy Hinckston, 1311 Poe Lane, San Jose, CA 95130. Dues: $8; $2 each additional person at same address. Sanction: Open $6, Youth $1. Sanctions-Richard Gehr,190 First Ave, Coal City, IL, 60416NATIONAL MINI REX RABBIT CLUB Karen Hinetz, RR 4, Box 175, Pipestone, MN 56164. Dues: Adult $8, H/W $12, Youth $5, Family $22 (up to 3 Youth). Sanction: Open $10, Youth $8. Send to Fred Weiss, 7199 W 6th Ave., Lakewood, CO 80215.REX RABBIT CLUB Barbara Talley, 8780 Fairoaks Rd., Tracy, CA 95376. Dues: $8 Adult or Youth, H/W $11, Adult or Youth $19 3 yrs., H/W $26 3 yrs. Sanction: Open $8, Youth $5.RHINELANDER RABBIT CLUB OF AMERICA L. Jake Saum, 940 19th Ave. SW, Puyallup, WA 98371-7312. Dues: Adult $5, H/W $7.50, Youth $3. Sanction: Open or Youth $5.NATIONAL FEDERATION OF FLEMISH GIANT RABBIT BREEDERS Judie Welch, 1460 McGill Hollow Rd, Linden, PA 17744. Dues $10 Adult or Youth new, $8 renewal, $15 H/W new, $10 renewal. Sanction: Open or Youth $8.


October 26 – October 30, 2008

Louisville, Kentucky




Show Secretaries: Open/MR Specialty/Youth RabbitSandy Bennett

323 Macedon Drive

Lexington, SC 29073


Email address: between 7 PM and 10 PM

CavyValerie Blaes

101 West Selwood Lane

Columbia, SC 29212

(803) 781-0302

Email address:

Call between 7 PM and 10 PM

Show Superintendent: Open, Youth and Cavy

Tom McCoy


Entry Fees

Open/Specialty Mail/Call/E-mail $3.00

Late Entry $4.00Youth Mail/Call/E-mail $2.00

Cavy Mail/Call/E-mail $3.00

Late Entry $4.00

Mail-in deadline: Postmarked no later than Friday, Nov. 23, 2007

Call-in deadline: 10 PM, Wednesday, Nov. 28, 2007

E-mail deadline: Noon, Thursday, Nov 29, 2007 – will be confirmed

Mini Rex Specialty may enter Day of Show for $3.00


7:00 - 8:00 AM - Check in.

8:30 AM - Show starts with Youth Show A; Jersey Wooly,

Flemish Giants, Mini Rex, New Zealand, and Cavy.

Trammell Trail Treasures, Inc.

Bruce & Nancy Trammell

1192 Co. Hwy. 45

Hayden, Alabama 35079

Phone: 205-647-9521 Cell: 678-910-0126


Year round supplies for every seasonal need

Double galvanized wire Available by the Roll / Foot

(Phone your wire or custom cage order by Nov. 22 to p/u at show)


Metal Feed Cups

Nest Boxes

Cage Rings

Treat cups

Record Cards

Door Latches


Card Holders

Door Trim

Show Carriers

Pest Control


Plastic Feed Scoops

Water Systems


Salt&Mineral Spool

Water Bottles

Tattoo Outfits

Salt Spool holders


Grooming Tables

ARBA Supplies


Grooming Aprons

Metal Drop. Pans

Plastic Drop. Pans

Grooming Supplies

Custom Embroidery

Hanging Scales

Cavy Show Boards

Show Coats

Buttons & Badges

Platform Scales

Cavy Ear Tags

Rabbit/Cavy Gifts

Rabbit/Cavy Jewelry

ARBA Literature

Cavy Ear Tag Pliers

Wire Cages and Supplies for all your Indoor/ Outdoor Rabbit and Cavy Needs (Other Small Animals and Birds)

Primary Housing: Standard/Custom Made


Show Carriers, Transport Cages


3 High Stack Cages with Trays


2 to 8 hole Hanging Cages

Custom Nest Boxes Available

Factory Authorized Distributors for complete Product Lines from:










Special Discounted Prices at the Show

Give us a call to let us know what you need so that

We'll be SURE to have it with us on the truck!


BREAKFAST: Coffee, donuts, bagels, etc.

LUNCH: Sandwiches, Salad, Hot Dogs, Goulash, Other hot items, Desserts, Drinks!

Some of the same items we usually have and new items.


Big Raffle – donated items always appreciated!

Best Jr. Rabbit Entry

Entry Fee: $3.00

to Winner & to Club

Enter with regular entries or day of show – judging will be around mid-day


Registrar – will be available to register your animals. Bring your ARBA card, pedigree, and $4.

Best In Show judging will be at the end of each show.

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