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These are some photos of our caviary and mabe when I take the pics some shots of the inside.

I know it seems weird to house your cavies outside in a "barn"...but at some time your herd gets to large for even a big house!!! My caviary is one of the best, to my opinon though. The cavies are housed on a solid cement floor, they have a thick bedding of fresh hay that me and my dad grow at our house. They all love all the running space and the very large huts I provide!! I will try to add some pics of my cages in the near future!! We also organicaly grow our own red bell peppers every summer which are packed with vitamin C with is very important to a cavy, they really enjoy them!! We also organically grow our own corn, melons, apples,green beans, tomatoes, bananas, and fed them the lawn clippings that have no chemicals on them most of that comes from the field you see infront of my caviary. Anyway, I have to clean out my cages every 3 weeks which is great compared to every week!! This is due to their large size!! The only down side is when it comes to cleaning time I have to get out a shovel and broom!!



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