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We keep all of our rabbits on a hard packed dirt floor. with the same oat hay we use as bedding for our cavies. At one time I considered showing rabbits but then I started working with cavies, and couldn't give them up!!

This is our 6 cage,
home built rabbitry.


I n loving memory of Bob....the greatest rabbit there ever was!!!!


Sadly a couple days after this photo Bob died of old age he turning 7 in 4 weeks and 6 days. Also by the way I raised him all by myself ever since he was born at my house. Actually though a couple weeks before his passing he was housed with a doe. I was sooo excited when I found that Bob's doe Hopper had, had a litter of 8, 5 of them looking just like Bob!!! I guess every story does have it's happy ending after all!!

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