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Caroline's Cavies

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Welcome to our ACBA Registered Caviary!!
Hello Everyone!!
Welcome  again to the Caroline's Cavies Website! We specialize in American Satins in red, and Abyssinians in the rare brindle coat . If you have any questions contact me at
******We will be visiting the Columbia, SC show on the 1st in December. E-mail us if you want us to bring something specific(link to do so is below!!), just to make sure that we will bring it!!!!!!******
(We also carry a couple mixed breeds...sssh!!)


This is Rose, my first place american golden agouti



I after thinking about it for a long time decided I could not leave all my cavy friends behind so I will not be leaving the shows anytime soon!


Don't  forget to sign my GUEST BOOK, at the bottom of this page!!




Have you ever been kissed....
BY A CAVY TODAY???? I HAVE!!!!!!!!!!!

Welcome to Caroline's Cavies!
My name is Anna.
Here you will learn about all my cavies and about what we're up to. You can also learn about how to take care of your new and older cavies. You will also learn about all of the great shows me and my cavies attend, and how much fun we all have together!

On this web page, I'll introduce myself and talk about my cavies. I will also post some pictures of my cavies.

We are now Members of the Following Clubs:
-North Carolina Cavy Breeders (NCCBA)
-American Cavy Breeders (ACBA)
-American Rabbit Breeders (ARBA)
-Southern Pride Rabbit and Cavy (SPRCC)

What's New- Sorry I haven't been on in such a long time yall! A lot has happebed! In August I BOB(Best of Breed) and BOS(Best Opposite Sex) with my brindle abby- #403! I was overjoyed. This was the first trophy I have ever won I will try and post some pictures soon! Until next time keave me some comments See you at Columbia on December 1st for all those who are going! If you want more info. on that show see my Next Show info. page! I will hopefully see you there! -Anna

-4/13/05-Started work on webpage.
-6/17/05- Published web page.


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Caroline's Cavies